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Before we proceed to the benefits and how to get your Search visibility right, let’s have a breakdown of what exactly is SEO ? Search Engine Optimization, popularly known with its acronym S.E.O. SEO is the practice of ensuring a brand, business or organization is visible on search engines or across other platforms, this is necessary for business growth as it brings the right awareness and online visibility needed to boost sales and reach the target audience.

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What do I look out for in building my business visibility and appearance on Google Search?

  • Your target Audience  and social media of interest

You need to be particular about your industry and its audience should be the number one consideration behind any viable SEO strategy.

Ask yourself some necessary questions:

  1. What industry are you in?
  2. Who are your top competitors?
  3. Where do your competitors primarily do business?
  4. How are your competitors primarily executing their SEO strategy?
  5. What competition is the fiercest?

These important questions and more will determine your next steps in forming your SEO strategy and these various moving parts will soon come into full focus as you nail down what to do next.

  •  Keywords your potential clients are searching for your business
    • What are the business keywords they are likely to search for ?
    • Which platform are your audience likely going to  search for your kind of product or services
    • Similar keyword they are going to search for
    • Optimizing your business keyword to match these on each search results.
  • Identifying your Location Search visibility Areas: which is primarily archived via google my business and Google Location mapping or social media platforms location optimization
  • Your competitions keyword and strategy
  • Getting the key elements of SEO right

Are there only 11 parts of SEO you need to know? Far from it.

However, getting these important pieces right is a great start. It’ll put you well on your way to implementing the best possible SEO strategy for you and your clients.

  • Keyword Research

Make sure to nail down your audience and industry norms for SEO, keyword research is necessary to pinpoint the best possible user intent to go after and find what your audience is searching for.

what your audience searches for is just as important as how they search for it. Subtle shifts in keyword research can make or break an SEO strategy. And you better have a firm grasp of the norms in terms of industry market shifts, as well as buyer personas and how they impact the overall SEO strategy.

  • Analytics and Reporting

In Business SEO, Nothing is more important to an SEO campaign than accurate reporting.

If you can’t report on results that the campaign achieves accurately, then how can you expect to make the accurate adjustments that an SEO campaign requires?

Let’s also get real about something else. Some industries don’t require by the day or even by the week adjustments to keyword strategy. Most industries don’t even require adjustments every six months.

But, if you’re in a rapidly changing industry where the market shifts quickly, it may be important to integrate a quarterly or even bi-monthly keyword research task into your SEO process so that you know exactly what audiences are searching for next. How does this fit into analytics reporting? When you attribute keywords and landing pages, it is easy to see exactly what keywords and landing pages are primary drivers of your SEO process execution and your overall SEO strategy.

By doing this effectively, it is possible to make adjustments properly and eventually find the next big thing in your market industry shift.

This is why it is so important to get analytics reporting correct.

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