How to Get Rid of Spam Mails

spam mails

Lots of spambots and persons sending in spam mails from your various sources, as annoying as this could be, it also has a way of bringing down your email reputation.

Generally, spam emails are unwanted mail , usually from unrecognized senders, with unsolicited content and worst still, this same mail may are sent in more copies than normal to the same mailbox. Nobody wants this right?

How did they get my email ?

how to get rid of spam mails
How do I get rid of Spam Mail?

The most common ways spam mail penetrate are through website contact forms and writing your emails as plain text on different platforms, eg web pages, blogs, and even social media.

Here is how to get rid of Spam Mail

First, identify the loophole: once you are able to identify where these mails are originating from, they you can bridge the gap. For example, it common to have spam mails from Website contact forms. In such instance, you don’t need to get rid of the contact forms, pop-ups form, and other lead generation mediums on your website.

Here is what to do

  • Integrate Google ReCaptcha to protect your forms from spambots
  • Use Email Address Encoder , this will help encode all email address on your website
  • You can also ask dynamic questions on your form, though is fast becoming outdated, as recaptcha way much a better option
  • For WordPress websites- they are a lot of plugins that help, an example is Askimet Spam filtering
  • Strong Email Filtering System for business mails, We recommend Office365 (Exchange Online Protection). With a strong email filtering system, you protect the entire mailbox and organization from receiving Phish mails, Spam mails, and Junk mails

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